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Joe Power(less):The Comic Saga Continues

Lester © August 2006.

In the last few weeks, ‘psychic medium profiler’ Joe Power has updated his web site which makes interesting reading, notwithstanding the current grammatical, editorial and factual errors.  However, if we look at his site with a discerning and probing mind we will, once again, see the massive inconsistencies between what he says and what the facts actually are.  Moreover of the many bold claims and self proclaimed abilities made, there is a complete lack of any independent verification and confirmation put forward to back up what is said.  I wonder why? Here are just a few examples: –

Cancelled Demonstrations:

We are told in the “About Joe” section that he is: taking the psychic world by storm”.
Really?  Where is the evidence to back this up?  What we do know is that he cancelled 10 of his last 20 public shows advertised on his previous website.  Namely: –

29th Sept 2005 Monton House, Eccles
12th Oct 2005   Floral Pavilion, New Brighton
19th Oct 2005   Arc, Stockton-on-Tees
21/22nd Jan 2006 Psychic Weekend, Wigan
24th Jan 2006   Pennie Way Hotel, Oldham
7th May 2006   Crowtree Leisure Centre, Sunderland
8th May 2006   Crowtree Leisure Centre, Sunderland
11th May 2006 Caird Hall, Dundee.
7th July 2006     Sheffield City Hall

Not exactly very popular then is he?  Perhaps the “storm” refers to his actions when he found out the tickets were not selling.  Also he has (28-7-06) cancelled a course (6th –11th August) he was due to run at Hafan-Y-Coed due to a lack of interest.

A Transatlantic Sensation:

We are also told that:  “the accuracy of his public demonstration and crime solving clues are creating a sensation on both side of the Atlantic”
Pardon! This is the man who had to resort to “odd practice” in a demonstration at Southport Floral Hall on 18th August 2005.  To remind those who may be unaware of the background I went to this evening and wrote a report together with a word for word transcript of one of his messages which was subsequently analysed by Tony Youens.  Following the publication of my report we had an email from a supporter by the name of Melanie Winrow who complained how unfair and incorrect my report was and that the message that Joe gave her was evidential, correct, she would go and see him again etc.  I then exposed her as one of Joe Power’s marketing people as it was her who emailed out his newsletters.  She has been asked to explain herself but of course neither she nor Joe Power or his Manager have ever responded.

Claims of Assisting the Police:

 Now we come to the crime solving.  Joe has claimed in many published articles that he helped Southport Police in the Lynsey Quy murder case.  NOT TRUE!  When Southport Police were asked to comment on this Detective Superintendent Geoff Sloan made the following statement:-

“I wish to state, categorically, that as Senior Investigating Officer on the Lynsey Quy murder, I made a policy decision not to use psychics on the investigation.  Joe Power has allegedly made claims that he assisted the enquiry but this is not the case.”

Pretty clear then. Again, Joe Power and his Manager Claudine Hope have been asked for an explanation. The best that could be mustered was a reply from his Manager stating:-
“Thank you for your email and concern about the Lynsey Quy case. Joe Power did how ever make a statement in the Southport Police station where he spoke with a women officer who gave Joe a receipt for the statement made.”

Pathetic.  In other words anybody psychic or complete nitwit can make any sort of statement (helpful or otherwise) but as long as they get a receipt they can then “claim” to have “helped the police”.  But significantly the police have stated that Joe did not assist yet he still claims that he did on his website.  If this is not misleading then I would like to know what is, particularly as this fact has been brought to his attention months ago.
So we have two completely different stories here.  One is clearly false.  Who would you believe?  The police statement or Joe Power?  Bit of a no-brainer really.
He also claims to have “helped” the police in other cases as well.  Should we believe this statement?  You decide.  When we have confirmation from the police on these other cases then we can take notice.

Therefore should ALL his claims and references on his website about helping the police be totally ignored?  Again, you decide.  That’s all of his 6 press articles and the numerous references throughout the site.

You may also recall that recently Joe claimed “through one of his astonishing spirit links” to know the killer of the model Sally Anne Bowman and told the police that the killer was a Stephen or Stephan White, aged between 24 and 26 and a delivery driver.  Following DNA evidence the police arrested and charged 36 year old Mark Dixie who is a chef!

Psychic Stunts:

His site tells us that:  “At the end of 2005 Joe’s manager Claudine Hope was approached by the Canadian Film Company Cineflix to take part in a new series called Psychic Investigators. Cineflix had heard about Joe’s work on crimes in the UK and overseas. Cineflix in London made arrangements to meet with Joe and Claudine Hope to discuss a case worked Joe worked on years ago in Southport Lancashire. Lynsey Quy was the young lady in the spirit world who appeared to Joe in a nightmarish vision telling him the whereabouts of her remains.”

In fact Cineflix were interested in making a program and approached many mediums several months ago asking if they had any experience in helping the police.  Like candy to a baby for Joe Power.  I emailed the following letter on 22nd July 2006 to the Managing Directors of Cineflix in Canada(HQ) and also London.


Dear Sir,                                                                                                      22nd July 2006

Joe Power

I have a very keen interest in the paranormal and as such follow the work of various psychics.  Recently I looked on and saw under the section “Psychic Investigators” that Cineflix are involved with Joe in relation to the Lynsey Quy murder case.

This particularly interested me as Joe has cited this case many times in various interviews and was the foundation and keystone for much of his psychic work.

However Detective Superintendent Geoff Sloan of Southport Police when asked about the involvement of Joe Power said:-

“I wish to state, categorically, that as Senior Investigating Officer on the Lynsey Quy murder, I made a policy decision not to use psychics on the investigation.  Joe Power has allegedly made claims that he assisted the enquiry but this is not the case.”

This is a verifiable piece of information which can easily be confirmed by contacting the officer directly.  In addition a full article concerning this is available on a website.  See

This is a very serious contradiction between what Joe has actually said and what the reality actually is.  There are a number of internet sites which give even more unfavourable comment on Joe Power and importantly do provide verifiable facts to back up statements made there.  Just Google “Joe Power”.  Indeed you will find that recently Joe claimed to know the killer of the model Sally Anne Bowman and told the police that the killer was a Stephen/Stephan White, aged between 24 and 26 and a delivery driver.  Following DNA evidence the police arrested and charged 36 year old Mark Dixie who is a chef! See: Daily Mirror Article

Your website tells us that you are a serious filmmaker with a trusted reputation for producing quality programming.  As such I am sure you would wish to give a true and balanced portrayal to claims made by any psychic.  Failure to do so would leave Cineflix totally exposed to ridicule and indeed rightly so.  If you are not aware of this background then may I suggest, to safeguard your reputation, that you investigate further.  If you are aware then how can you/he explain and justify these many inconsistencies.

I would be very interested in your views and should you require more information then I would be able to provide it.



So far, as of Thursday 10th August 2006, theres been no reply:

There is also a section on “The Spirit of John Lennon” and having looked at this on the site we just have the ramblings of Joe’s vivid imagination but without any shred of PROOF to back up his claims.  Indeed if you look at the video clip, bearing in mind it has been edited and this is supposed to be the best bit, it’s laughable.  Indeed the whole program has been condemned by many including Yoko Ono.  Clearly the whole purpose of the program is to make as much money as possible regardless of facts and credibility.

Psychic Sophistry:

He has a Case Updates section but strangely this has remained with this message for weeks now and continues (as at 10th August) to do so: –
“This page is currently being constructed and will soon be available.
Sorry for the inconvenience and please visit back soon.”
Not strange at all really, I guess they are scratching their heads for something sensible, credible and verifiable to put in here.  I have a suggestion for them.  How about the TRUTH.

Joe Power tells us on his website that he sees, feels, and hears spirit.  Wonderful.  So with these “gifts” you would think that when he demonstrates he would be able to go directly to the person for whom the message is for.  After all, if my dad wants to give me a message he will know exactly where I am in an audience and direct Joe straight to me.  But no, this does not happen.  Every time I have seen him demonstrate he throws out general information hoping someone will pick it up and then rambles on with many generalities which can apply to many.

His website tells us that he is also a teacher, healer, does psychic and aura readings, paranormal investigations, police work, past life regression, remote viewing/astral travelling, scanning buildings and psychometry.  Indeed, it appears, anything else that will enable him to scrounge some cash off anyone daft enough to engage him. What real credentials does he have for any of this?

If he can do all or indeed some of what he claims then he would win the $1,000,000 RANDI challenge (and others) with ease.  But hey, guess what, he has shied away from them all.  Any ideas why?  Also his popularity would have soared and instead of cancelling shows he would be adding more and more with bigger venues.

The whole website is just a further massive catalogue of sheer bunkum, marketing hype and total delusion.  Until he can provide factual and verifiable proof of anything that he does he will remain as ever – powerless.

© Lester

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